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About GFS

Guaranteed Flow Systems (GFS) is a New Zealand owned and operated company delivering water, waste water and process solutions, with ongoing support. Servicing clients throughout New Zealand since 1994, applying sound engineering and a straight forward, southern roots, approach to getting things done.

The Up & Running, Guaranteed promise is evident throughout the company. The trusted, hardworking team of specialists will find innovative ways to crack those tricky nuts and they are a testament to the company’s ethic of consistently producing a high standard of work, delivered at pace.

GSF workingGSF working

What we do

GFS have a tight design build team, skilled at packaging water or waste water treatment plants that result in economical, turnkey, solutions for regional New Zealand. The team utilises the most appropriate technology for the specific application and looks after all aspects of construction (mechanical, electrical, and civil) required to deliver fully functional, modular, plants that are rugged and durable.

Our approach

Working with you

GFS works directly with clients (such as local councils and industrial plant owners) that require substantive water or waste water solutions. To maintain and control the quality and timing of the delivery, GFS prefers to self-perform all physical aspects of plant fabrication and installation. When working out-of-town, every effort is made to work with and support local businesses.

Problem solving

Solving problems

GFS delivers simple solutions to complex problems. If it involves water or waste water treatment, steel or stainless-steel pipes then GFS is the company to engage.

Who we sell to

Keeping safe

GFS is a medium-sized company with big outputs. Health & Safety and Environmental considerations are front and centre of all work undertaken. ISO accreditations held that support these priorities - ISO 9001, ISO 14001, AS/NZS 4801 and OHSAS 18001.


Modular Treatment Plants

Effbuster M

The EffBuster is a tertiary wastewater filtration unit that incorporates advanced membrane technology to remove suspended solids, E-coli, viruses and to lower BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) & TSS (Total Suspended Solids), from wastewater flows. Membranes provide excellent removal rates (typical removal of TSS to 10 mg/l, E-coli to 15/100 mls). Each unit is fully self-contained with all pumps, valves, transfer pipes, tanks, electrical distribution, and control system - custom designed to suit the characteristics of the waste stream.

Eff Buster
Effbuster Nitro

The EffBuster Nitro is a new compact containerised biological treatment unit for optimal nitrogen, BOD, and TSS removal. It offers an advanced wastewater treatment process known as Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR) with minimal space requirement, no major construction or civil work, and suitable for wide range of applications including sewage and industrial wastewater.

Thirst Responder M

The ThirstResponder is your containerized membrane filtration drinking water solution. Locate where you like and relocate as you need. Fully engineered and designed modular units to perform with maximum efficiency. Using technologies most appropriate for your supply source, including microfiltration (MF), ultrafiltration (UF) and reverse osmosis (RO), to make your untreated water safe and pleasant to drink.

Each unit is fully engineered with high quality components to handle all types of harsh conditions. All pumps, valves, transfer pipes, tanks, electrical distribution, and control system - custom designed to suit the characteristics of the water source.


Thirst Responder UV

The ThirstResponder UV is used for its strong germicidal (inactivating) ability to disinfect water containing bacteria and viruses. It is effective against protozoans like giardia lamblia cysts or cryptosporidium oocysts. We supply a range of NSF, ÖVGM and DVGW internationally certified UV disinfection containerized systems, ranging from small single lamp systems for domestic and small operations, to large multi-lamp systems for municipal and industrial water treatment.

Specialist Piping Infrastructure Aids

Hot Tapping

Hot Tapping

If you need to build a branch line but cannot take your main line out of service, then hot tapping the branch connection is an excellent option. Hot tapping eliminates the need to drain and recharge your main line when making connections. GFS has developed the equipment and has the experience to hot tap onto steel and concrete lined steel mains ranging in size from 25mm to 450mm.

Line Stopping

Line Stopping

Do you need to isolate a section of main but cannot drain the whole main due to supply constraints or you may need to change out a faulty valve or install a new valve? Then, consider installing a temporary line stop. This procedure involves installing a hot tap then inserting a line stopping ‘plug’ through the tapping to temporarily stem the flow. Inflatable plugs are specifically engineered for the pipe diameter and line pressure. Line stopping makes it possible to make changes to your network, while minimising disruption and waste.

Pipe Pigging

Pipe Pigging

Pipelines are like arteries - they are a lot more effective when they are free of debris. Pipeline pigging involves pushing a ‘pig’ (foam cylinder) through a pipe, to scrape the pipe walls free of debris. Pipe efficiency and water quality are greatly improved if the pipe walls are clean. GFS offers specialist pipe pigging, including supply pigs and supply and installation of pig launchers and pig receivers.

Large Pipe Work

Large Piping Construction

If you require design and build of piping within your plant or network then the GFS team are highly skilled at expediting this specialist construction. By undertaking site survey, 3D detailing, fabrication, excavation and installation all in-house, GFS is able to execute large projects successfully and at pace. See the time lapse in the case studies.

Case Studies

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